ECO AUTO DELUXE $30* | ECO (Sm SUV)   $35

  ECO (Md,Lg SUV)    $40* | ECO (XLgSUV)  $45*

Full Exterior Hand Wash With Our Eco + Polish Solution, UV Shield Antistatic Detail Spray, Interior Vacuum , Wipe Down & Rejuvenate Rims.


The Deluxe Service PLUS Eco UV Wax & 1 Month Sealant for the ultimate protection & shine.

  ECO AUTO CARE SPECIAL $95 (Auto) $99 (SUV)*

The Ultimate Service Plus total floor mat service cleaning and Choice of UV panel protector or UV leather conditioner.


Full hand wash with our Eco wash, leather condition seat, rejuvenate rims PLUS our UV shield and antistatic detail spray.


The Deluxe Service PLUS Eco UV 6 month sealant wax for the ultimate protection & ultimate shine!


The Deluxe Service PLUS paint clay bar, paint polish ,wax & 3 yr sealant paint protection, detail and rejuvenate all open road parts.

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  Ultimate Service

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  Additional Services

Interior Service
Deodorize/Disinfect AC & Interior     $10
Interior Door Panel Cleaning
(Per Panel)
Vacuum & Wipe Down*     $20*
Floor Carpet Shampoo (Per Corner)     $20
Seat Fabric Shampoo (Per Seat)*     $20*
Seat Leather Deep Cleaning (Per Seat)     $20
Headliner Shampoo/Cleaner*     $30*
Seat Fabric Guard(All Seats)     $40
Leather Clean & Condition (All Seats)     $50
Complete Pet/Hair Removal*     $50*
Total Interior Detail* $150 [Auto] $175 [SUV]*
Exterior Service
Rubber, Trim & Plastic Treatment     $10
Wheel Sealent (All Rims)     $20
Scratch Removal (Per Panel)*     $30*
Paint Scuff Removal (Per Panel)
*Paint Provided by Client
Paint Touch Up (Per Panel)
*Paint Provided by Client
UV Wax & 1 Month Sealant
*Application Only
UV Wax & 6 Month Sealant
*Application Only
UV Wax & 1 Year Sealant
*Application Only
Headlight Restoration Set     $50
Engine Wash     $50
Exterior Paint Detail
Clay, Polish, Wax & 6-month Sealant $150 [Auto] $175 [SUV]
Clay, Polish, Wax & 1-year Sealant $200 [Auto] $225 [SUV]
Clay, Polish, Wax & 3-year Sealant $250 [Auto] $275 [SUV]
Exterior Paint Restoration
Complete Water Spot Removal $250 [Auto] $275 [SUV]
Complete Paint Swirl Removal $250 [Auto] $275 [SUV]
Complete Tree Sap Removal $250 [Auto] $275 [SUV]
Complete Scratch Removal* $300 [Auto] $350 [SUV]*
Complete Paint Tree Stain Removal $350 [Auto] $400 [SUV]
Corporate Service Plan Available ask for details
*Prices are subject to change*


Carpet Shampoo

Paint Clay Bar

Engine Wash